Tyler Wic Neal

Creative Designer, Photographer, Thinker

Tyler Wic Neal is a National Award Winning Photographer and Graphic Designer. He is the oldest of the 7 children born to Wic and Beth Neal. His love for the arts started at a very early age, and soon he began to take art lessons in painting and mixed media. One year for his birthday, he was given a camera by his aunt and soon began to set up his “in home studio” with the sheets from his bed. The passion grew through middle and high school, and then in the summer of 2005, he started shooting professionally, photographing portraits and weddings for people. “Let me get one thing straight, Photography is my passion, not my job!” says Tyler, “I look forward to shooting, and that is something I never want to lose!”

In 1997 while most kids were asking for power rangers and remote controlled cars, Tyler’s Christmas list to Santa included things like a color inkjet printer, a scanner, and Printshop Pro. “I was definitely considered an art nerd by most growing up!” Tyler says. What started as printing and designing his family calendar, grew into printing and designing his church bulletin and brochures and invitations for friends. Now, having upgraded from Printshop to the Adobe Suite, Tyler continues to work with graphics on a larger scale. 

Currently Tyler is pursuing a degree in visual communication, and while he is still considered very young by most, his list of accomplishments in both fields more than proves his ability to work effectively and efficiently in both fields.